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Warm congratulations Jia Rui Hi-tech nominated the most investment value in Henan Province New three-panel business
      Recently, the "Henan Daily" published the full text of "Most Investment Value in Henan three new board business shortlist announcement, 80 high-quality corporate honor roll." Jia Rui Hi-tech is one of them.
    "The most investment value of the new three-panel enterprises in Henan Province" contest is sponsored by the Henan News Network organization, aimed at expanding Henan Province "new three board" listed companies influence to promote the three board listed companies to flourish, attract domestic and foreign investment institutions to invest in Henan Province, the "new three board" business, bigger and stronger as soon as possible, so as to lead the rapid development of Henan new economic form.
     Events since the start, Henan News, Dahe, a large river and other media released the news, Xinhua, People, News and Henan, Netease and other media has also given a report to form the momentum achieved influence. Especially the interactive aspects attracted the participation of more than 15 million visitors, website forwarding reached more than 30 million times, a strong propaganda Henan "new three board" camp, has been widely praised by the community.
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