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Henan Jia Rui Hi-tech eligible pioneer era ten love model units honor
      Recently, Henan pioneer era selected activities, Jia Rui Hi-tech won the 2016 annual "Top Ten Henan pioneer era love model unit" honor, the company chairman Xie qiu xin won the "pioneer era ten Henan love role models" honor.
     Company leadership attaches great importance to the selection of activities. After a series of assessment, selection, Jia Rui Hi-tech in good faith to win the world's corporate philosophy, catch up advanced a good atmosphere, first to excellence value orientation Henan Provincial Communist Youth League to win the recognition, won the "Henan pioneer era ten Great love model unit "of winning.
      Made of honor is not the end but the beginning. Harvesting of the honor, the company will, as always, honest and trustworthy, pragmatic management, for the benefit of the people, hard work and prosperous! At the same time, actively organize employees to participate in social insurance, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers, public-spirited undertakings, cultivate a strong sense of social responsibility of workers and high sense of responsibility.
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