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Jia Rui Hi-tech 2015 Annual General Meeting was held successfully
      April 22, 2016, the company 2015 annual shareholders meeting held in the company conference room victory. The meeting chaired by Mr. Xie Qiuxin, on behalf of shareholders, all directors, supervisors attended the meeting.
     The field shareholders and shareholder representatives vote, the conference unanimously adopted the "2015 Annual Financial Report", "2015 annual profit distribution plan", "2015 Work Report of Directorate", the "Company 2015 Annual Report and Summary" "2016 annual financial budget report," "About 2016 daily connected transactions" and other twelve motion.
      The success of the annual meeting of shareholders for the company in 2016 and for the next period of work of a clear direction, proposed initiatives for the company's sustained and stable development provides a strong guarantee. The Board of Directors called on the staff in accordance with the spirit of the company shareholders' meeting, board of directors under the leadership of the company, forge ahead, innovation, work together, work hard, completed 2016 business objectives.

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