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After the Spring Festival, the price of styrene riding rocket showing linear rise
      Styrene prices around the Spring Festival is about 7350 yuan / ton, but in March the country into the mainstream market styrene prices continue to climb. Month, mainly due to domestic styrene hold stocks continue to lift up, in the lower part of the chase and prop up buying turnover, etc. CHINA futures traded higher drive up spot to discuss East China; South China reluctant to sell at high prices, the spot price has immeasurable, petrochemical manufacturers raised prices generally follow the market; crude oil, electronic trading upward, the peripheral surface of the guide to the good news, favorable cost support for the formation of styrene. As East before the weekend to discuss the price at 9,000 yuan / ton, South China are known to have 9100-9200 yuan / ton from mentioning North China sales follow up, intent on selling about 8900 yuan / ton delivered. After the Spring Festival, the price of styrene overall riding a rocket, showing linear rise.
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