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Diethylene glycol as a whole to maintain the strong side of the trend within a narrow range

      Diethylene glycol sample mean on the 24th once again rose 1.39%, of which, in southern China, Fushun and Jilin are the implementation of the latest offer, market transactions in general, Zhangjiagang cash offer yesterday's decline, mostly near the level at 4700-4720 yuan, buy plate in 4680 yuan level, the market correction within a narrow range.

      Currently, the frequent ups and downs in oil prices, the cost of propping diethylene glycol; short term, the domestic basic device is operating normally, supply is abundant; downstream plants started gradually, but limited lifting load port inventory is relatively high position, supply and demand is relatively stable . The atmosphere of a rich field of speculation, the overall trend is to maintain the strong side, within a narrow range.

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