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The development of chemical industry needs to develop the five markets
      Currently, the imbalance between supply and demand affect the chemical industry has become the most economical operation of the principal contradiction. Priority development of the industry, is to do a good job in the supply-side structural reforms under foot, should the recent efforts to develop five markets
    The fourth quarter of 2015, the chemical industry in the economy remained relatively stable, but still face greater downward pressure.
     By 2016, the chemical industry is expected to total external demand environment is difficult to have a big change, the industry must do a good job in terms of supply-side structural reforms under the foot effort to effectively resolve excess capacity, promote industrial restructuring, accelerate the development of new energy, new materials and other strategic emerging industries and producer services, to cultivate new economic growth point industry, thereby enhancing the ability to supply quality products and services to better meet market demand is rapidly upgrading.
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